$50 Rebate For That Old Fridge!!

posted Apr 18, 2012, 5:38 PM by Michael Sutton

Your second refrigerator could be freezing up energy savings for you.
Old refrigerators use up to four times more electricity than new ones
and cost an average of $150 a year to run.
National Grid makes it easy to get rid of your old, second
refrigerator or freezer. Just call us today at 1-877-545-4113, and
we'll haul away your old appliance for free, plus we'll give you $50
for recycling it. It's a convenient way to conserve energy, clear up
space in your home, and get some easy money.

Help protect the environment.
Reduce ozone-depleting gas produced by
older appliances
Reduce your home's carbon footprint
Over 95% of parts and materials will be
recycled into new products
Shopping for a new fridge?
Choose an ENERGY STAR® Qualified model, and you could save as much as
$200 a year. You'll even receive a special $50 rebate. Download our
rebate form today.